Saturday, 16 July 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

So the final film is out after lots of hype but does it live up to that hype?.Well the answer is yes and no, after walking away I felt a bit empty like something was missing but maybe I was expecting to much.The film starts very abruptly with no plot summary whatsoever of the previous film "part 1" so sorry guys if you have not watched the previous film there maybe a few bits that confuse you,the fight scenes in particular do not fail to impress with impressive visual effects hundreds of wand blasts flying around does look incredible which brings me onto the 3D I was a little disappointed with this,I felt the 3D was somewhat lacking in certain area's it was never consistent in one scene it looked incredible then in the next plausible it was this level of inconsistency which lets the 3D version of the film down.The film's characters are all summed up nicely more or less all your questions are explained it's just a shame I felt this scene in the film had been rushed and tried to get everything answered in the space of 30 seconds.The finale with Voldemort is impressive and wont dissapoint .
The crucial moment of this film is undoubtedly when harry realises where is destiny is and sets out to fulfill it, it is gripping and moving.The final film is a gripping,charming and exciting picture.It reminded me of the thrill of seeing the very first film 10 years ago and radcliffe's Harry Potter has surfaced as confident , courageous and vulnerable character which is most likeable but sadly it is the end of the line and we must leave him for ever.Wait. Iv got a damn tear in my eye again...

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Transformer Dark of the Moon

So I finally got round to seeing the latest transformers film and I walked out feeling I had been cheated