Saturday, 8 January 2011


So I got the Avatar collectors edition for christmas and it got me thinking how much this film has changed the way we see Visual effect's. James Cameron has managed to do it without taking a trip down the Uncanny Valley. It's essentially the same motion capture technology that has been used in film and computer games for years but a lot more advanced with the ability to not only track the body of the actor's but also there facial expression's which helps give the whole animation a more generic look.Another thing cameron has come up with is the "Simulcam" which allows him to see a low resolution outcomes of all the visual effects live so for example a greenscreen would be replaced with a background this saves a lot of time as they can see it live they don't need to get it sent off for a week and wait around twiddling there thumbs for a finished render to find out it isn't what they wanted .The effects in this film are simply breathtaking take a look for yourself.

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